Sunday, November 25, 2012


Each on of us are on a journey. Where were going God only knows, but along that journey we come across people places and ideas that we can't even imagine happening. Sometimes those people places and ideas are just things that pass through our lives, strengthening us and others. While other times those things need to be grasped before they slip away. So many people are given amazing ideas and gifts but because of fear are to afraid to do anything about it. The world was and never will be changed by people sitting around coming up with ideas. Action and trust is what moves society in what ever direction it is going. This past week a friend of mine was in adoration and was given an idea to make a facebook group and he made it. He took action. This week if an idea or person is put in your life, don't let it slip, take action, to better the kingdom of God. Will you Take the Challenge?
Any and every outcome that occurs after said action is taken with out the discretion of God, can and probably will be not a wise choice. 

I also encourage you to follow my friends group! Just starting but sounds like its going to be really good.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


The communion of saints is everyone on earth, in heaven and in purgatory. The souls in heaven can pray for us and the souls in purgatory. While we can pray for the souls on earth and in purgatory. What we don't realize though is the power we have to help others with just a few words. Earlier this week I put a post up about a prayer that releases 1,000 souls from purgatory. Its a paragraph and it releases 1,000 souls in purgatory! These same souls will then be with you at the time of death and in the face of God. Like what the heck?!? I few words and you've helped 1,000 people! This week say a hail mary, or a whole rosary, or offer up a mass, everyday, for some one that is stuck in purgatory and needs that one more prayer or one more mass said for them to get to heaven. Will you Take the Challenge? 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I WIll Wait

Our society tells us, through music, tv, etc., what we are to be. What we are to do. Basically the message is go out and do what ever the heck you want. That what ever you want you can have now and who cares what happens. YOLO :P 
But this song, firstly gives me hope for society, but also shows that good things are worth waiting for. This is a message of chastity intermingled with one of the best bands. It also shows integrity. This guy is singing to his wife! So I'll be bold
As well as strong
And use my head alongside my heart
So tame my flesh
And fix my eyes
That tethered mind free from the lies
Like what?!?! He stepping out from what society tells us, being bold as well as strong! Hes choosing to use his heart, not by itself but along side his head! (Eros and Agape love. Look it up if you don't know it. Start by looking at theology of the body)
Hes choosing to take hold of his flesh and fix his eyes, from what this world shows us, to things of greater glory! Freeing from the lies!
If a man, with this much popularity, can step out and say these things why can't you? Will you allow yourself to be used and abused by society? Or will you be bold as well as strong? This week pray for you future spouse. Who knows what they are going through. Also, if the opportunity arises to talk about this topic, then take it. The holy spirit will guide you on what to say. Everyone can restart and everyone can be forgiven :)
Will you Take the Challenge?