Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Post By You

This weeks challenge is presented by one of you guys :)

Have you ever wondered where God is? Have you ever had decisions to make, big or small, that confuse you so much? God wants us to be happy; He wants us to be at peace. The turmoil and the anguish are all because we are fighting Him. We are fighting His Will for us. I never understood this until now. I never “wanted” to follow God’s Will with my whole being. I was just afraid of being alone. I was afraid of not having anyone. All my friends had abandoned me, and I was having trouble finding new ones. I wasn’t happy where I was in my life. I was afraid to lose what little I had. I was going through school, boy, friends, and most of all family problems that were hurting me every day and instead of pulling me to God, I let them push me from Him. But then it was like lightening hit me! I didn’t have little, and it didn’t matter if I was all alone and even if I had nothing. I ALWAYS had God. And if that meant me sacrificing for a while and having no friends or no one to hang out with at least that must be what God wanted of me at this moment. Maybe God wanted to lead me through a desert before He took me to the Promised Land. If that meant loving family through all the pain and the past and the mistakes then that was what I was going to do. I have loved and I have been hurt, as have all of us. 

We need to stop worrying about ourselves, stop caring what others think about us. At our judgment day, God isn’t going to say “well this person thought this about you, and this person said that.” It will be between YOU and GOD and that’s it! What will matter though is how you treated others, how you became Christ to them, how you sacrificed and offered the little things or a quick prayer when you saw someone down in the dumps. Don’t be afraid of God’s Will; don’t be afraid to be alone! God can guide you but you must move your feet. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is God’s. He decides what’s best for us, even if it seems like it is the hardest thing in the world. I have spent so much time not being open to God, just ignoring Him. Please be open to what God wants. Please talk to Him, spend time with Him, even if it is just five minutes. 

I’ve trusted many people that have let me down. But I’ve never trusted in God. I’ve never just let go and known that because God loves me and gave His life for me, that He will not abandon me, He will make everything OK. But I was scared of His timing; I was scared of how long He would take. But most of all, I was scared of trusting and being let down. God won’t let you down, He will give you peace, He will give you happiness. Within Him, is love. True love. That will lead you to the greatest happiness you can ever fathom. I have failed and messed up SO many times in my life, but it all always leads me back to God. God will strengthen us, He will only ever give us what we can handle. I am still scared, I am still imperfect, I am still a sinner. I have still not made all the changes that I want to. I am still figuring out what God wants me to do. Yet I want to be a sinner who loves God, who trusts Him, and who runs to Him whenever I am afraid or lost or confused or in pain or happy or full of joy. I am still a work in progress and if I wasn’t, if we all weren’t, then God would have called us home by now ☺ If I could say one thing to you is that no matter where you are in life, no matter how “messed up” you think you or your family are, no matter if others think you aren’t good enough, GOD KNOWS YOU’RE WORTH IT. He died for you, He is there for you ALWAYS. This week just trust in God. Be open to what He wants instead of what You want. Know that it will be ok. Let go of the things that hurt you or don’t give you peace. God will hold you in the palm of His hand ☺Will you Take the Challenge?

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