Sunday, April 7, 2013


There once was a man who found a caterpillar. He took this caterpillar and took care of it. His pet eventually became a cocoon, one day it started to try and break free but it couldn't. The man, noticing his pets struggle, he took the cocoon and cut open a hole. The new butterfly broke free, but it couldn't fly. The man had taken the struggle away from his pet but had prevented him from forming fully. His pet spent the rest of his life walking instead of flying. 
God gives us struggles to form us! Without struggles we wouldn't fly! Jesus struggled through his passion and was buried for three days. On the third day he rose from the dead and saved the world.
God put struggles into our lives to make us better. It sucks during the struggle, but in the end we reap the benefits. 
This week pick someone you know who is struggling, with anything, porn,drugs, anger, and pray for them everyday. God loves a giving heart :)
Will you Take the Challenge? 

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