Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do you want a drink?

"The reality that our bodies are a gift, and anything we do to them that can ultimately harm us, or likely shortens our lifespan, and presents us as
ungrateful stewards of the body which the Lord of life gave us !
Of couse, you could add the other things which, not in moderation, do
harm to the body: drugs, smoking, any thing which mutilates or harms the
physical person." - Bishop Daniel Thomas 
As I grow older the offer to "have a drink" comes up more and naturally it should. There is nothing wrong with a drink, in fact its a great way to socialize with your family. I personally don't drink because I am underage. Where I do have a problem is when people are ok or want to get "hammered", for the sake of "fun". Wether you are underage or not. We were each given a body as a gift. We are to take care of this gift and the bodies of others. By overindulging in a good thing we bring harm to our bodies and potentially to others. And at the end of our life the Lord will ask us if we took care of this gift, or did we "waste" it for the sake of "fun"? 
"But can't you use this same argument for candy? Candy isn't good for your body". Yea your right candy isn't, but in moderation candy is fine. Just as alcohol. This week pray for all alcoholics, and maybe think about not getting hammered next time your at a party. Do you want God to think you where an "ungrateful steward of your body"? This life sometimes isn't fun, but its in reparation for the next. Will you Take the Challenge? 

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