Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lovely Love

Picture a place where you are your happiest. Now picture a place where you are your saddest. Now multiply those feelings by a trillion. This is heaven and hell. Naturally we want to get to the happier place, and we also want to bring the person we love the most there. For some of us the person that we love the most is our girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes though people get love and sin confused. Love is desiring the greatest good for the beloved (CCC,1766). So if you truly desire the greatest good for the beloved, then you would not what to put your beloved in the state of sin. But still so many people confuse love and sin through intimacy outside of marriage. Through intimacy our bodies are speaking a language of love to one another, and at our wedding day we verbally speak that language through our vows. By speaking the language of our bodies before marriage we are not truly loving the other person but causing them and ourselves to sin. Which obviously isn't love. He/she may say they love you but if their verbal language doesn't match their physical language then it is a lie. Now you or someone you know may have been in this situation, lucky for us God forgives us at confession, but how would do you know what you have done or are doing is love or not? Well if your dad or mom walked into the room what would your reaction be? Thats a pretty good way to tell. This week think about this, and take it to prayer. Do you want to be truly loved? Will you Take the Challenge?

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