Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Chap!

On my excursion to the gas station to fetch my self an unhealthy sugary beverage, I noticed, as I was paying for this refreshment, a box of condoms for sale behind the ever so unadorned counter. It then hit me! Our world blunders love with pleasure, and in this mix up attempts to give pleasure to customers as swiftly and efficiently as is plausible. By george, how true this is! With out a care of morality people capitalize on the pleasure that is naturally yearned for by all homo sapiens. We make feeble attempts to satisfy this yearning, which truly is a yearning for the Lord, by slaughtering others for our insignificant selfs. We aren't in the hunger games you know! We rather give admiration to our selfs, and receive flattering remarks, then give compliments to others. We even go so considerably far as to use someone else as a toy for our own sexual "pleasure" and conceal this wrongdoing by saying its love. Wether this said other is physically their with us or on a screen. Pleasure in its utter self is every bit the opposite of love. Love utterly is self sacrificing. Love, good folks, is not something we hold or posses or do. We must be love, in every bit of our being. Our being must be self giving, not wanting! I speak quite often of love. Solely because love is that pivotal to our being. Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of these is love. This week distinct what is pleasure in your life, and what is love? Cry out to the Lord for guidance, He's there to help! Forever love my friends! Will you Take the Challenge? 

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