Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your a Car

Pretty much every car now an days has a little light that goes off that tells you when something is wrong with the engine. With out this little light people would probably drive their cars until they broke down. Thinking everything was fine and dandy. Our spiritual lives are kinda like cars (I know shut up. Just follow me on this one) but we don't have a little light that goes off telling us something is wrong. Rather most people continue along there marry ways thinking everything is fine an dandy. This normally ends up, like most cars, broken down. Every car though has to have a regular inspection in order to keep it running, and so must we. Many people continue doing their daily routines and fail to inspect their spiritual lives for any flaws. If you don't inspect your spiritual lives how are you to keep it running? This week inspect your spiritual lives. What flaws need fixing? What parts need replacing? Will you Take the Challenge?

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